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Corporate structure

The corporate (or administrative) structure of the City of Gold Coast is set by Council and is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The CEO is responsible directly to the Council.

City of Gold Coast's organisational functions are managed across the Office of the CEO and six directorates.

If you wish to contact one of our officers, please visit our Contact us page for options.

Download the City's Corporate Structure by Directorate.

  • Acting Chief Executive Officer

    Office of the CEO

    Joe McCabe
    Acting Chief Executive Officer

  • Director Transport and Infrastructure

    Transport and Infrastructure

    Alton Twine
    Director Transport and Infrastructure

  • Director Lifestyle and Community

    Lifestyle and Community

    Alison Ewens
    Director Lifestyle and Community

  • Director Water and Waste

    Water and Waste

    Paul Heaton
    Director Water and Waste

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Office of the COO

    Grant Mather
    Acting Chief Operating Officer

  • Director Organisational Services

    Organisational Services

    Glen Potter
    Director Organisational Services

  • Director Economy Planning and Environment

    Economy, Planning and Environment

    Alisha Swain
    Director Economy, Planning and Environment

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