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Mayor's updates

The 2020-21 City Budget laid out an economic plan for our roads to recovery from the global pandemic.

Our city has faced challenging times before, from natural disasters, and economic challenges like the global financial crisis. Of course this is the biggest challenge we have experienced, but we can and will overcome the health, economic and social challenges we currently face, and protect and preserve the Gold Coast lifestyle we all love.

The last eight years of strong and disciplined financial management has meant that when faced with framing this budget we were able to do so from a position of strength. This gave us the ability to actively respond to the changed circumstances, and provide the leadership and support our residents and businesses need at this difficult time.

I can assure all Gold Coasters that Councillors and City Officers worked tirelessly to ensure that the budget is the right response for our city at this challenging time. We will continue to deliver for our community the essential services that our city requires, whilst setting the economic foundations for our full recovery. We are very confident that we can not only recover but come out even stronger than before.

To support and assist ratepayers all Principal Place of Residence ratepayers receive a financial rebate of $64. This means that 137,800 of these ratepayers will receive a general rate reduction. By investing in our infrastructure, as well as maintaining our community assets, we can protect local jobs while supporting both our community and our businesses.

As we face the ongoing challenge, let’s remember that we are all in this together.

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