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Education centre

City of Gold Coast provides a range of resources, programs and support to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

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School based education programs

City of Gold Coast provides information, support and visits to schools who want to include Council’s role, work and governance structure in the curriculum. We also run programs to engage and educate young people about Council and to recognise the contribution that children and young people make to our community. Our current programs and services are contained in the below drop-down menus.

Active and Healthy (all ages)

Participate in free or low cost health and wellbeing activities through the Active & Healthy program.

Active School Travel program (primary and secondary)

The comprehensive Active School Travel program assists students and families to find active ways to get to school, such as walking, cycling, taking public transport and carpooling.

Beach and surf safety program (primary and secondary)

The Beach and surf safety program promotes surf safety messages throughout our schools and community.

Botanic Gardens Education program (primary and secondary students)

The Botanic Gardens education program provides interactive outdoor learning opportunities for school children to enhance their classroom learning. The program features a number of different lessons linked to the Australian curriculum, relating to conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and indigenous perspectives. It's free of charge, for class sizes of between 25 and 30 students (with teacher supervision). For further information download the education brochure or contact the Gardens Education Officer on 0400 048 006.

Tree planting program (all ages)

School groups can assist in planting native trees within the City’s natural areas. Join our Beaches to Bushland Landcare program.

Coastal education (primary and secondary)

The City offer a number of coastal community engagement opportunities for students and the community through CoastEd to learn about coastal processes, the abundance of sea life and vegetation, and their existence as part of a precious beach ecosystem.

Graffiti prevention program

The Graffiti prevention program aims to develop students’ sense of responsibility to protect and sustain the environment, and report graffiti in their community.

Junior Council (student leadership- high school)

Junior Council is a student leadership and civic program for young people in years 10 and 11 attending high schools within the Gold Coast region. The two year program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in communication, public speaking, leadership, and learn about local government and community issues.

Koala Conservation Education (year 4 and 7 online)

The Koala Conservation Education program provides an opportunity for local school students to develop their knowledge and understanding of koalas and their habitat.

Pet education

The 'Pets are part of our city too!' program has been designed to build understanding of how to interact safely with pets and the importance of responsible pet ownership, reducing negative impacts not just to the lives of the animals, but also those of their neighbours, the community and our environment.

Watersaver program

Watersaver schools program encourages students to work towards a sustainable water future. The program is curriculum aligned and highlights the value of water on a global and local scale.

Protecting waterways and catchments

A number of local catchment study guides have been designed for use by school students, teachers and the community which detail specific catchment processes, water quality and waterway cultural information, providing learnings designed for use as indoor or outdoor workshops and/or as classroom activities. Learn more about protecting catchments.

Resources about City of Gold Coast, further information and visits to schools

If you need more information, would like to request any City resources to use as part of the curriculum or arrange a visit to your school by City officers, please contact each team directly.


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