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Barred Grunter

Banded Grunter

Reference photo: NSW Department of Primary Industries nd.
Banded Grunter, accessed 4 Jan 2013.

The Barred Grunter (Amniataba percoides) is a native of northern Australia, but has been introduced into south-eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. Dominant colours are silvery white with five narrow black bars on the side. The fins are clear to yellowish, some brownish patches are present; lower lobe with a black edge.

Habitat preferences are for freshwater lakes, pools and streams. It is an omnivore, feeding mainly on insects, crustaceans, algae and aquatic weeds as well as snails and occasionally small fish. Maximum size is 18 centimetres but most commonly found at 10-12 centimetres. Breeding occurs from August to March, with females laying demersal eggs.


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