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Black Swan

Black Swan

Cygnus atratus is the world’s only Black Swan. It has white, conspicuous flight feathers. The male’s bill and neck are longer and straighter than the female’s. The swans prefer large, permanent swamps and lakes with emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation. Their nests are large mounds of reeds, grasses and aquatic plants (Pizzey and Knight, 2003).

Banding of swans in Robina Lakes

The swan, pictured, has been tagged with an identification band. Many swans living and breeding on the Robina Lakes have these bands. Breeding pairs on the Gold Coast are being monitored by a local, qualified expert as part of a long-term study to examine the population biology of Black Swans.

The information obtained from the study will build upon the scientific body of knowledge that relates to this species. This will assist in maintaining sustainable swan populations into the future. For more information on the banding of Black Swans, you can contact licensed bird bander and Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme regional organiser, Jon Coleman, at

Pizzey G. and Knight F., 2003. The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Harper Collins Publishers, Australia.


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