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Composting case study

Image of woman explaining composting

A self-confessed lazy composter, Phillipa Martin shows that successful composting doesn't take a lot of time. "I spend less than 30 minutes a week looking after my compost and the end results are fantastic," said the Upper Coomera resident.

Having grown up composting it seemed only natural that when Phillipa had her own house she would also start composting.

"I hate wasting anything and after seeing my dad compost for so many years I thought I would give it a go."

However not everything went as planned. "I never really asked my dad how it was maintained. All I knew was that he threw food scraps, garden clippings and sometimes paper into the compost and in a few months time it looked like dirt and was ready to be used. I didn't realise that you needed to look after your compost - my first attempts at composting resulted in a master disaster."

Phillipa attended a composting and worm farming workshop held by City of Gold Coast to learn more about composting and worm farming.

"Before the workshop my compost was terrible, now it is going brilliantly. The information the presenter provided in the workshop was great. I now know how to look after my compost. I add about four litres of food scraps a week and the grass clippings whenever we mow; turn it to add air and hose it to add moisture every week."

Phillipa has an ice cream container on the kitchen sink to collect kitchen scraps such as vegetable peelings and leftovers and tea bags. She became so keen to compost that she started collecting food scraps from the café next to her work. "It was great to collect the scraps from the café. Without thinking about it I was starting to educate others about organic waste recycling."

Phillipa is using her compost by digging it into garden beds and in her fernery and is hoping to get a worm farm in the future.

"The best advice I can give someone who has a 'master disaster' of a compost bin is to attend a composting and worm farming workshop," said Phillipa.

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