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Landholder partnerships

Discover how you can help to protect and restore our city’s natural environment.

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Landholder partnerships

Creating, improving and protecting habitat on private land

Vegetation on private land plays an important role in the ongoing survival of our city’s wildlife. Like jigsaw pieces in a big puzzle, blocks of private land act as links or stepping stones with our public estate and other private properties, to create wildlife corridors and large areas of habitat that our wildlife can thrive in.

The City offers several schemes through its Conservation Partnerships Program (CPP) to support landholders wanting to learn more about the plants and animals on their property and how to encourage native habitat.

Two men looking at a fern in a rainforest area

Land for Wildlife

Free resources, workshops and support to help you conserve and restore wildlife habitat on your property.

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Nature Conservation Assistance Program

Financial grants to assist private landholders to undertake restoration on their property

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Female landowner checking bushland area with a City officer

Bushland health checks

Free site visit to help identify native flora and fauna, environmental weeds and give practical advice

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Ecological restoration video resources

Learn about our services and watch training videos on ecological restoration techniques.

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Voluntary Conservation Agreements

Learn about how you can benefit from formally protecting the conservation values on your property long-term.

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Have Your Say – Conservation Partnerships

Stay in touch and have your say about conservation on the Gold Coast.

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The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most biodiverse cities.

A large proportion of the natural areas across the city are on private properties. These properties are vital to the conservation of wildlife and threatened species from Currumbin Valley to Cedar Creek, from the hinterland to the coast.

Join other private landholders across the Gold Coast in conserving and restoring our natural environment.

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