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Flathead Gudgeon

Flathead Gudgeon

Reference photo: Australian Museum n.d.
Flathead Gudgeon. Accessed on 10 Jan 2013.

The Flathead Gudgeon (Philypnodon grandiceps) is a native bottom dwelling Australian species. It has a broad and flat head with a large mouth. This species is found in a number of colours, from black, brown, grey or reddish to greenish-brown all over. It is yellow on the sides with irregular faint brown markings and a dark spot at the base of the caudal fin.

Several dark bands radiate from the eye. Alternating bands of grey and orange are noticeable on the caudal and dorsal fins.

This species resides within lakes, reservoirs and brackish estuaries and prefers a mud or rock substrate. It is commonly found among aquatic vegetation. Reaching a maximum size of about 12cm although around 8cm is more common.

A clutch of up to 900 elongated eggs are laid by females on a hard surface such as a piece of wood or rock. It is the male who guards and cares for the eggs, chasing away predators and fanning the eggs with his pectoral fins. Prey items include other small fish, crustaceans, insects and tadpoles. This species is widespread and common throughout the south-east coastal areas of Australia.

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