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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

Information about waste and recycling services on the Gold Coast is available in one central location.

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People with passion can make major changes. If you want to be a green champion in your workplace, management will appreciate your efforts, not only for the sake of the environment but for the business bottom line as well.

Practical changes to your own habits will set a positive example. If you are able to extend changes in your sphere of influence, your collective efforts can act as an example for the whole organisation.

Tips to get you started:

  • research and plan – management will respond to data, particularly cost-saving figures
  • start small – small changes can be measured easily then used as a basis for larger changes
  • make a clear case for change – demonstrating cost savings and the potential to enhance the business' image is usually a good way to get management on side
  • get the gear - bins, signs, bin labels, posters
  • get staff on side with clear communication and feedback – make it easy for them to follow waste reduction strategies with clear signage and information, and let them know the results of their efforts
  • don't have unrealistic expectations – small changes can produce big results, especially if linked to incentives
  • it is best to start where there are significant, easy, waste reductions to be made - this will help motivate people and build enthusiasm for the program (improving how your office deals with paper is a great place to start)

For a range of ideas to get started, Sustainability Victoria has some useful resources, including guidance about workplace behaviour change and setting up an environmental team.

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