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Mosquitofish - Gambusia

Eastern Gambusia

Reference photo: NSW Department of Primary
Industries nd. Eastern gambusia, accessed 4 Jan 2013.

Mosquitofish or gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki) are a declared noxious fish species in Queensland. This species is a small live-bearing fish that grows to less than seven centimetres with most only reaching 3-4 centimetres in Australia.

They are pale olive-greenish dorsally becoming silver with a bluish sheen on their sides. Females are larger than males, with a more robust belly and a dark spot near the vent.

They have large scales and a stocky body and have adapted to living and feeding at, or near, the surface of the water.

Distribution in Queensland is widespread throughout coastal drainages. Habitat preferences are for warm fresh and brackish still waters. They are often seen shoaling at the edges of streams and lakes.

Find out more about noxious fish on the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website.

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