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Gold Coast natural environment

We have one of Australia's most biodiverse cities. Let's explore, celebrate and work together to protect it for the future.

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Protecting wildlife

The Gold Coast is one of the most biodiverse cities in Australia with a wide range of plant and animal species.

We are home to:

  • nearly 600 species of recorded native animals - 38 species of amphibians, 352 birds, 84 mammals, 74 reptiles and 37 species of freshwater fish (more fish, birds, amphibians and mammals than Kakadu) - 72 of which are endangered, vulnerable or near threatened under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
  • more than 1700 species of recorded native plants - 109 of which are endangered, vulnerable or near threatened under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
  • 65 native vegetation types and 56 regional ecosystems.

Despite the extensive biodiversity found within the city's boundaries, the potential impacts of Australia's high population growth and the continued clearing of remnant landscapes for development include loss of species and ecosystems, habitat destruction and fragmentation.

The City recognises that our native wildlife is a critical asset, essential to the future environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Gold Coast. Explore how we are working to protect our native wildlife, and what you can do to help.

Contribute to koala fund

Contribute to our koala fund

Make a voluntary contribution to Australia’s first dedicated koala fund to help protect our local population.

Protecting koalas

Learn more about what actions can be taken to help keep koalas safe.

Protecting our threatened species

Find out more about our threatened species here on the Gold Coast.

Encouraging wildlife

Discover how you can encourage and help to protect our native wildlife.

Delivering landholder partnerships

Find out how the City supports landholders who want to restore and protect their property’s native habitat.

Gold Coast Flora and Fauna online

Visit our Gold Coast Flora and Fauna website to search and locate plant and animal species on the Gold Coast, access conservation studies and learn more about our native species.

Protecting native plants and animals

Learn about our native plants and animals, what we're doing to protect them, and what you can do to help.

Managing pest plants and animals

Our advice on managing pest plants and animals and what we are doing to help.

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