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Gold Coast natural environment

We have one of Australia's most biodiverse cities. Let's explore, celebrate and work together to protect it for the future.

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We all love our Gold Coast waterways. However, every time it rains they are under threat from our careless actions.

Stormwater is rainwater that runs off surfaces such as lawns, roads, roofs, car parks and natural ground surfaces. City of Gold Coast maintains stormwater infrastructure to drain rainwater away to prevent flooding. Stormwater is not wastewater - it flows into our waterways untreated.

Every time it rains oils, detergents, paints, pesticides, fertilisers, grass cuttings, animal wastes and soil and rubbish from our backyards are washed down street drains, through our stormwater system and discharged into our rivers, creeks, canals and ocean.

What the City is doing about stormwater quality

The City is installing Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDS) in locations across the Gold Coast to improve stormwater quality. SQIDS are extremely expensive to build and maintain and are only a small part of the solution. They treat the problem, but they do not fix it.

Our stormwater stencilling program helps to remind residents it is important to prevent stormwater pollution. Look for our drain markings Protect our waterways. Flows to the ocean.

The City is promoting water sensitive urban design in new developments. We are a member of the Healthy Waterways Partnership to protect South East Queensland waterways.

How you can help

Get stormwater responsible in your daily activities and reduce runoff and pollution from your own backyard.

Stormwater safety

Stormwater drains can be dangerous. Don't let your life go down the drain.

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