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Stormwater control

City of Gold Coast provides a service to property owners experiencing stormwater problems that are caused by flow from stormwater installations - faulty gutters, downpipes or piping - being redirected on to your property.

If overland flow is running into your property and ponding where your land is low lying, this can be alleviated by placing gully pits and directing to a legal point of discharge.

All pipework must be sized to avoid surcharge to existing drains and you must not divert this flow on to neighbouring properties. In such cases you should contact a registered drainer to install pits and/or drains.

Use our online form below to report a problem with stormwater run-off from a neighbouring property.

Report a problem with stormwater drainage (private property)

If the flow is coming from a property under development, your concerns should be directed to the Private Building Certifier assessing the stormwater installation on the development who has the responsibility for ensuring that the stormwater control complies with relevant building codes and legislation.

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