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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

Information about waste and recycling services on the Gold Coast is available in one central location.

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Upsize to a larger recycling bin

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Sick of your recycling bin being full before collection day? Having to put perfectly good recyclables in the waste bin because there's no room in the recycle bin?

You can now meet your recycling needs by getting a bigger recycling bin. The new generation larger recycling bins will help you increase your recycling effort by an additional 50 per cent!

Property owners or tenants can replace their standard 240 litre recycling bin with the larger 360 litre bin by completing the application form below.

You can complete the form and pay online or use the hard copy below to mail or submit in person at one of our customer service centres. Payment options are included on the form.

Please note: The establishment fee is not applicable to residents who have an existing larger waste bin (360 litres). You can find the size of your wheelie bin imprinted on the right side of the top rim of your bin body.

See our register of fees and charges.

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