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Waste and recycling programs

Find details here of City of Gold Coast's waste and recycling programs.

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Waste facility and service changes in northern Gold Coast

Closures and upgrades of centres

The Maudsland Waste and Recycling Centre was closed permanently in January 2014.

The upgrade to Helensvale Waste and Recycling Centre is now complete. Bin capacity for waste at the facility has increased from four to eight, providing an additional 16 unloading spaces for vehicles. There also is more room on site for recycling activities. Other new features include changes to internal roads to improve traffic flows, improved security and on-site technology.

Extending kerbside services

Extending the waste and recycling collection service to areas where closures had occurred was an important component of the City of Gold Coast's Three Point Plan. The extent to which residents elect to use the service is a personal choice, but where properties were accessible to the collection vehicles, the services have been installed. A utility charge of $249 per annum (2013-14 price) is included in the rates bill for the provision of this service, irrespective of the extent to which the service is used.

Rural roadside bin collection service

Steep and rough terrain, long driveways, overhanding vegetation and small verges are common issues for bin collection in rural areas.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your rural roadside bin collection service.

On collection day:

  • Always place your bin roadside prior to 6am on collection day. Bins must face the road and be at least 30 centimetres (12 inches) apart.
  • Your bin should be placed within one (1) metre of the road, away from overhanging branches or other obstacles, like cars and posts, that could impede the lifting forks of the waste collection vehicle.
  • Bin lids must be closed for the bin to be emptied successfully. Please do not overfill your bin.

Bin storage and transport:

  • During the week, store your bin in a shaded area within your property boundary.
  • Most rural residents select to create a flat storage place next to the driveway for their wheelie bins, as close as possible to the roadside collection point.
  • For residents with small waste outputs or restricted storage areas or verges, smaller 140 litre wheelie bins are available.
  • Wheelie bin brakes are an option available to control bins safely on slopes.
  • If storing your bins well away from your gate, a bin caddy attached to your car tow bar allows for easy towing.

Wheelie bin brakes and towing devices are available for purchase on the internet or at your local hardware store.

If you believe your property is not suitable for a roadside bin collection service or there are other exceptional circumstances that may prevent you from using the service, please call us on 07 5667 5976 for an appraisal.

Road upgrades

The majority of necessary road works were completed in the Maudsland/Guanaba area in December 2013. See below for works completed and pending.

Location Details
Bignells Road (completed) Install turning circle, resurfacing, bin corral
Equestrian Drive (completed) Resurfacing
Braeside Court (completed) Two cul de sac turning bowls to be resurfaced, drainage improved
Whittings Road (completed) Tree pruning
Lazy Way (completed) Telecommunication cable to be raised
Guanaba Creek Road (pending) Installation of larger turning area
Hollindale Road (pending) Installation of larger turning area, cattle grid
Billau Road (pending) Installation of larger turning area, fords
Piggotts Road (completed) Installation of larger turning area
Collaroy Road (completed) Installation of larger turning area
Caballo Road (completed) Installation of bin corral

Bulk bin stations for unserviced properties

A small number of residents that used to visit the Maudsland centre are not able to have their properties accessed safely by a kerbside waste and recycling collection vehicle. These include properties on Mystery Road, Sherlock Court, Henri Roberts Drive, King Parrot Court, Macrozamia Court, Wongawallan Drive, Walter Court, Solomon Lane and Larcombe Drive.

Residents of these properties will be provided with keyed access to bulk bins, which will be placed within a screened enclosure. The bulk bins will take normal household waste, but residents will still need to use their nearest waste and recycling centre to dispose of green waste and bulky items.

Bulk bin stations have been built and are in operation at Cliff Bird Park in Maudsland and Welches Pioneer Park in Wongawallan. Please call us on 07 5667 5976 if you have questions about bin station access and keys.

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