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Digital city

Graphic of Surfers high-rise buldings with light rail in front and plane overhead

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our network will enable diversified large-scale IoT applications throughout the Gold Coast.

Internet of Things
Empty G:link light rail station at night


We are investing in our own telecommunications network to improve services, speeds and costs.

Two business people overlooking Gold HIghway from a high-rise office

Fibre optic network

We are the first council in Australia to invest in a carrier-grade fibre optic network.

Fibre optic network
A large wave

Free Wi-fi

The Surf Network provides free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi services across the Gold Coast.

Free Wi-Fi
Aerial view of GLOW festival at HOTA Park

Data intelligence

Our analytics and integration platform enables us to use complex data to redesign how we live, connect and grow.

Data intelligence
Man looking at his iPad in a library

Digital city initiatives

We're leading the City’s adoption of automation, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies.

Digital city initiatives

The Digital City Program is transforming how we live, connect and grow.

The Program was established in 2016 to lead and coordinate digital and smart city initiatives across the Gold Coast, with the view of being Australia’s leading digital city by 2021.

The Program is delivered through four inter-related work streams: data gathering, data transmission, data analysis and projects.

Citywide benefits of the Digital City Program include:

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