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The City has historically utilised a large telecommunications network provided by a commercial carrier.

The quantity of data utilised by the City is forecast to grow by more than 40 per cent per annum for the foreseeable future.

To ensure that we can provide services that are of the highest standard, at the best price, we are investing in our own telecommunications network.  

This will reduce our reliance on third-party carriers and enable us to keep rates low.

Our network is designed to provide more than the City requires for our operations, allowing other carriers to utilise the spare capacity to drive up the speeds and performance of local internet services, and accelerate the roll out of 5G and cellular coverage.

Fibre optic network

Our carrier-grade fibre optic network enables us to provide some of the fastest internet speeds in Australia and it is available to commercial organisations.

Free Wi-Fi

Residents and visitors can connect to the Surf Network and utilise free high-speed Wi-Fi. The network is currently available in Southport, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Coolangatta with new locations coming soon.

Internet of Things

Our commercial-grade LoRaWAN network will enable diversified large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) applications. See how you can utilise the network.

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