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Community leasing

Entry to the Labrador Community Hub

City of Gold Coast has approximately 400 community facility leases with organisations across the city. These organisations range from grassroots sporting clubs to a variety of community organisations.

Most organisations with a community lease are operated by volunteers who work long hours to deliver important community services.

We recognise this contribution through initiatives to assist community groups who are responsible for managing assets on the City’s behalf.

The City's investments in encouraging our residents to lead more active and healthy lives include providing a large number of sporting and training facilities and programs for both residents and visitors.

Our Recreational Services Branch is the custodian of these leased facilities. If you have any questions or would like approval for improvements to a leased facility, please contact:

Parks & Recreational Services
Phone: 07 5667 5972


The City does not have specific requirements in relation to the format of planning documents which our community leaseholders use. What is important is that the key elements of planning are addressed within whatever format is used.

There are many great templates available on the internet. The template below is an example that is simple, user-friendly and still includes all the required key elements.

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