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Eat Safe Gold Coast

Eat Safe Gold Coast is a food safety rating scheme that allows businesses to promote their great efforts in hygiene and cleanliness to their customers.

Food safety rating schemes operate alongside regulatory systems and have been effective in reducing food related illnesses in cities across the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Auckland, Toronto and London. Closer to home, Brisbane City and Logan City have already implemented the Eat Safe program and are reaping the benefits of improved food safety and assisting their food businesses to promote themselves in new ways.


Food business operators

To agree to participate in displaying your rating, complete the Eat Safe agreement application and download the Eat Safe Gold Coast agreement guide.

The Eat Safe Gold Coast legal agreement guide is designed to help businesses understand the agreement and its conditions. It is recommended that businesses download and read this guide prior to signing the agreement.

To help your business gain the best star rating, please review the guides and checklists on our Eat Safe Gold Coast resources page.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Eat Safe Gold Coast below.

Search Eat Safe Gold Coast star ratings

All licensed food businesses throughout the city are provided with a ‘star rating’ based on an assessment of their food safety management practices.

To apply for an Eat Safe assessment review and regrade, complete an
Eat Safe assessment review/regrade request form, including the relevant supporting information as detailed on the form. Be sure to review the Regrade assessment applications and assessment review applications guidelines first.

Find out more about the stars and search the star ratings.

Business licensing

Information about the permits and licenses required for the operation of food businesses on the Gold Coast is available from our Permits and licensing page.

Food safety training

City of Gold Coast conducts regular food safety training courses (non-accredited), aimed at providing the city's licensed food business staff with an understanding of the causes and the prevention of food-borne illness (food poisoning). For information about the course or for an enrolment application form, visit our food safety training page.

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