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Eat Safe Gold Coast star ratings

Eat Safe Gold Coast

Licensed food businesses throughout the city have been assessed and assigned a ‘star rating’ based on an assessment of their food safety management practices.

Food businesses who achieve three, four or five stars can use the star rating to market their business to customers and to boost confidence in the safety and quality of their food. Businesses opting in to the scheme have their rating displayed on stickers and certificates at their premises and can also be searched online.

To agree to participate in displaying your rating, see our Eat Safe Gold Coast page for more information and links to the application forms.

Find out what the star ratings mean and learn more about business categories.

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What the star ratings mean

five stars

Five stars

The business demonstrates a high level of compliance with the Food Act 2006 and excellent safety management practices.

four stars

Four stars

The business demonstrates a high level of compliance with the Food Act 2006 and very good food safety management practices.

three stars

Three stars

The business demonstrates a high level of compliance with the Food Act 2006 and good food safety management practices.

Rating not displayed

There are a number of reasons why a business may not be displaying its star rating. It may be because the business:

  • received a food safety rating of less than three stars
  • recently opened as a new business or changed owners and has not yet been audited
  • is a domestic water distributor or short term, temporary food stall which is not eligible for inclusion in the Eat Safe Gold Coast program
  • is a food vehicle licensed in another local government area which does not have an Eat Safe program
  • sells food deemed to be low risk and therefore does not require a food licence under state legislation
  • has not applied for a food licence, even though it is required to. This is an offence under the Food Act 2006
  • received a food safety rating of three or more stars but has not agreed to have its star rating displayed.

Business categories

The following information provides clarification on the various categories of food businesses.

Food business categories and criteria

Category Criteria Examples
Food manufacturer/packer Manufacturing and/or packing of foods to be transferred to another premises for retail, sale or service. Home based businesses, repackaging, cake decorators, internet sales, diet meal delivery services.
Retail food premises Retail sale of food designed to be further handled and consumed elsewhere (not necessarily immediately or in the form it’s sold), however may include some takeaway food. Supermarkets, delicatessens, fruit and vegetable stores, petrol stations
Takeaway food premises Food designed and packaged to be ‘taken away’ for immediate consumption in the form it’s sold, however ancillary seating may be provided. Fast food, ice creameries, pizza, fish & chips, sandwich bars, canteens, bakeries
Eating establishment Seating provided by premises and intended that food will be consumed on site, however may include an ancillary takeaway food component. Café, restaurant, bistro, tavern and bar, bed & breakfast
Aged/medical care service An aged care facility , delivered meal organisation for frail, aged or disabled persons and medical facilities. Nursing homes, respite care, low care aged care, same day aged care facilities, private hospitals, day hospitals, palliative care hospitals, or meals on wheels type organisations
Caterer on-site Preparing and serving potentially hazardous food to all consumers of the food at the premises (or part of the premises) from which the business is carried on, under an agreement under which the food is of a predetermined type, for a predetermined number of persons, served at a predetermined time and for a predetermined cost. Function centre
Caterer off-site Serving potentially hazardous foods at a place other than the principle place of business. Mobile catering business
Childcare centre Child care for preschool aged children including long day care, occasional day care and employer sponsored day care (does not include home day care).  

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