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Livestock is the general term used to refer to farm animals or those animals used for cultivation for food, fibre or labour. These animals include cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, camels, goats, deer, llamas and the like. For the protection of the animals and the local environment, City of Gold Coast has a number of minimum standards, local laws and owner responsibilities which must be met to keep livestock.

To ensure that your livestock are kept without nuisance to your neighbours, you are required to comply with the following rules:

Restrictions apply to the number of livestock that can be kept on a property, however more than these numbers may be allowed with a special City permit:

Livestock Property size Number allowed
Horses and cattle Less than 4000m2 not allowed
More than 4001m2 one (1) per 4000m2
Sheep, pigs and goats Less than 4000m2 not allowed
More than 4001m2 one (1) per 4000m2

Download the above information from our Quick guide to keeping pets on the Gold Coast brochure.


Animal Management recommends appropriate signage with a contact number is displayed if livestock are located on an agisted property. This will help residents or officers to notify property owner/s if livestock are found lost or wandering.

Stock register

Email or phone 07 5667 5990 to register your stock with the City. Please provide the following details: stock owner details, property details, stock description and number.

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