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Natural burials

Natural Burials

Natural burial provides a unique, dignified and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional interment practices. City of Gold Coast Cemeteries offers a natural burial area within Alberton Cemetery. Developed and managed using Australian native planting, this area has been designed to be a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem flush with birds and other wildlife.

Natural Burials

The process of natural burial involves the preparation of the body for interment without the use of embalming fluid or chemical preservatives. The remains are placed in a biodegradable coffin, shroud or urn and laid to rest, allowing them to return to the earth naturally. To help create and preserve the environment, traditional headstones are replaced by native plantings at or near the site of interment. Each grave is recorded with GPS locations to allow current and future generations to locate the final resting place of their loved ones.

While there is no physical identification at the grave, families can choose to have a bronze plaque on the communal memorial tree at the entrance to the burial area

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