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Tarrabora Reserve Bushcare Group

Tarrabora Reserve Bushcare Group

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The Tarrabora Reserve Bushcare Group was established on 2 March 1999 and assists with controlling environmental weeds and the revegetation of native plant species. The group is partnered with the Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU) under the Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Landcare Program.

Tarrabora Reserve is a popular parkland located on Currumbin Creek at Palm Beach. It was saved from development in the 1960s and 70s by locals and a group known as the Currumbin Estuary Protection Committee, which has since changed its name to Friends of Currumbin.

The Reserve is under the management of the City of Gold Coast (NAMU) and looked after by the Tarrabora Reserve Bushcare Group along with the Friends of Currumbin, who continue to carry out the role of protecting the Currumbin area.


More volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in joining please see below for dates, times and locations.

Dates: second Saturday of the month from February to November
Time: 8am - 10am
Place: Tarrabora Reserve, Currumbin
What to bring: Sturdy shoes, long sleeve shirt, pants, sunscreen, hat and some water.

For more information please contact the Natural Areas Management Unit on 07 5581 1537 or email

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