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Why food safety?

Safe food is food that is free from physical, chemical or microbial contaminants that may cause us harm. Of these hazards, microorganisms present the highest food safety burden to consumers. Microorganisms are opportunistic and can grow in many foods and conditions.

Australian estimates of foodborne illness are 5.4 million cases per year (14,800 cases per day), with about 120 deaths annually¹. The cost of these levels of foodborne disease is estimated to be $1.2 billion per year (Department of Health and Ageing, unpublished).

The social consequences of foodborne disease include both temporary and serious chronic illness and even death.

1. Estimating Foodborne Gastroenteritis, Australia, August 2005
By Gillian Hall, Martyn D. Kirk, Niels Becker, Joy E. Gregory, Leanne Unicomb, Geoffrey Millard, Russell Stafford, Karin Lalor and the OzFoodNet Working Group

Find the link to the Estimating Foodborne Gastroenteritis article below.

Food safety fact sheets

Food safety fact sheets are a concise and informative tool that a Food Safety Supervisor can use in the staff education process and may be downloaded, printed and displayed in relevant sections of the business, as advice/reminders to all staff. 

Find the food safety fact sheets in several languages available from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website below.

Food safety rules

There are many issues relating to food safety, but there are four golden rules which stand out above all the others:

  1. keep it hot (above 60°C) OR keep it cold (below 5°C)
  2. cook it properly
  3. don't work with food when you are sick
  4. and probably the most important rule of all - wash your hands!

Learn more about these rules, how foodborne illness occurs, how it can be prevented and the relevant legislation, plus other vital food safety issues on a City of Gold Coast food safety training course. To book a place in the course, please download the application form online which can be found below or contact us on 07 5581 6722.  

Find the link to the Food safety training course enrolment form below.

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