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As Constructed Data Standards and Guidelines

Council of the City of Gold Coast has an As-Constructed Data Standard that incorporates the Asset Design As Constructed (ADAC) specification as well as standards for asset types not currently included within the ADAC specification. The As-Constructed Data Standard applies to the following infrastructure asset types:

The Council’s As-Constructed Data Capture Guidelines details the instructions on the as-constructed data requirements for each asset type that the City manages.

ADAC Specification

ADAC is supported by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) and has been adopted by all local governments within south east Queensland. For more information about the ADAC visit Public Works Engineering Australia. The South East Queensland Design and Construction Code that applies to water and sewer asset types also specifies ADAC as the region’s as-constructed data specification.

City of Gold Coast As-Constructed Data Dictionary

The City expands on the ADAC Specification to specify the as-constructed data required for asset types not currently within ADAC.

Refer to As-Constructed Data Standard for the City’s Data Dictionary.

Compliance with the As-Constructed Data Standard

Compliance with the City’s As-Constructed Data Capture Guidelines and associated As-Constructed Data Standard is measured, in part, by assessing as-constructed submissions against the version of the As-Constructed Data Capture Guidelines that was current at the time of development approval or execution of a contract. These dates are:

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