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Flood planning level maps

The flood planning level maps identify hazard areas that are subject to flood, with the map accessed via the City Plan Interactive Mapping tool.

If you are developing on land that is identified within the flood planning level map, you will need to undertake further assessment by reviewing the necessary provisions in the flood overlay code. For more information on development applications, refer to the before lodging a development application page.

For instruction on how to use the City Plan Interactive Mapping refer to how to use the City Plan.

Please note: Even if you are or are not within the hazard areas that are subject to flood, this does not mean you will or will not be impacted by flooding.

Updated flood planning level mapping

The City’s updated flood planning level mapping commenced as part of City Plan Version 6 on 20 September 2018.

The updated mapping considers future changes to climate, incorporating the projected increase in sea level of 0.8 metres above present day levels by 2100 established by the State Government in 2015.

The updated mapping also includes the State Governments projected 10 per cent storm tide intensity and 10 per cent rainfall intensity, based on advice from industry representatives.

Find out more about the updated mapping.

Further information

Find Frequently Asked Questions about flood planning level mapping below.

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