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Native Reed

Phragmites Australis

Reference photo: PlantNET n.d. Phragmites australis.
Accessed 10 Jan 2013

The native reed (Phragmites australis) is a native perennial, grows up to 4m high and develops an extensive root system. Stems are rigid with many nodes, up to 15cm in diameter. This species inhabits stationary or slow moving water bodies, creeks, streams, channels, drains, swamps and seasonally inundated areas. Grows mainly in freshwater but tolerates slightly brackish waters.

This species is spread mainly through vegetative means (i.e. having the ability to produce growth in plants), but seeds are produced in some habitats. The native reed is an important component in wetland ecosystems, providing cover and habitat for native species.

It also stabilises banks to minimise erosion and can filter water entering waterways, removing excess nutrients.

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