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Natural area management plans

Our natural areas are important environmental assets for the Gold Coast and also provide opportunities for nature-based recreation. City of Gold Coast seeks to protect and manage these areas sustainably through Natural Area Management Plans. The following locations have Natural Areas Management Plans and can be viewed on the Brochure and factsheets page.

The Plans are developed for groups or 'clusters' of natural areas, reserves and wetlands and include Conservation Areas purchased under the Open Space Preservation Levy (OSPL).

The plans address flora and fauna protection, rare and threatened species management, protection and enhancement of habitat and wildlife corridors, development of recreational opportunities and management of potential human impacts.

During the development of these plans they are presented to the community for consultation with the opportunity to have your say.

Nature Based Recreation Plan 2015 – 2025

Nature based recreation includes bushwalking, bird watching, mountain biking, horse riding, nature study, kayaking, geocaching, trail running and much more. The City has an outstanding network of natural areas reserves, many of which are available for sustainable nature based recreation. To ensure that the reserves are protected, and that people are able to enjoy nature based recreation for the long term, the City has prepared the Nature Based Recreation Plan 2015 – 2025.

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