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Overgrown land and declared pest plants

Clearing of weeds and undergrowth from private property is the responsibility of individual land owners.

Residents should also be aware of declared pest plants, many of which have been known to cause respiratory problems in both humans and animals.

Each year, City of Gold Coast spends thousands of dollars on the control and eradication of such plants throughout the city, particularly groundsel bush, fire weed and annual ragweed, salvinia and water hyacinth.

The responsibility to control the spread of these plants on private property rests with the land owner. However, City officers are available for advice on the identification and control of declared plants.

The Biosecurity Queensland website provides a comprehensive list of declared pest plants in Queensland. The site also offers useful information on the responsible management of vegetation in Queensland including plant selection, revegetation, the economics of choosing native species, exotic species and more.

To report concerns about a private property that has become overgrown and represents a danger to the public, please complete our online form below.

Report overgrown/unkempt private property

Alternatively, you can call us on 07 5667 5991.

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