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Protecting landscapes

The Gold Coast is world famous for its beaches, waterways and hinterland. Our diverse natural landscapes, including our coastal and marine areas, our wetlands and waterways, our bushland, catchments and reserves are all critical to the overall health and success of the City, its inhabitants and visitors.

Our natural environment faces constant pressure from development and population growth. In a little over 200 years, approximately 50 per cent of the City's land area has been cleared of native vegetation.

City of Gold Coast recognises that protecting our natural assets is vital to our future economic, environmental and social sustainability. We are committed to ongoing conservation and maintenance of the city's natural landscapes for residents, visitors and wildlife. The City has set a target that 51% of the city land area will be covered in native vegetation by 2020.

Find out more about our work to protect the Gold Coast's landscapes and how you can help:

Protecting coasts

Learn what we are doing to ensure our beaches are clean, healthy, safe and accessible now and into the future.

Protecting catchments

Understand how we're protecting our catchments, and how you can play your part.

Protecting waterways

Explore our Gold Coast waterways and how we can keep them healthy and clean.

Protecting bushland

We manage 25,000+ hectares of bushland within our city boundaries. See what we are doing to control pests and weeds in these areas, revegetate degraded bushland and protect against bushfire risk.

Trees and vegetation

Explore vegetation types and native plant species, obtain information on tree removal, tree disputes and how to obtain free trees from us.

Managing natural areas

Find out more about our conservation areas, natural trails, tree planting, bushland restoration and bushfire.

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