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Revetment walls

Revetment walls are permanent structures designed to prevent subsidence that commonly occurs adjacent to all waterways and the ocean. By definition, a revetment structure is a protective covering on an embankment of earth designed to maintain the slope or to protect it from erosion.

Revetment walls play an important role in waterfront estates, holding back tidal waters and protecting the boundaries of property owners against embankment erosion.

Protecting your waterfront property

Waterfront living offers many benefits for those who own waterfront property. With the benefits comes responsibilities.

Waterfront landowners are responsible for the upkeep of revetment walls that benefit their property. The Body Corporate has responsibility for revetment walls that benefit community title developments.

If concerns are detected, the waterfront landowner should arrange for a suitably qualified professional engineer to assess and report on the structural integrity of their revetment wall.

Waterway revetment walls

A waterway revetment wall must be considered part of the property for the land it serves to protect. Like any structure, it has an engineered design life and requires regular and proper maintenance to prevent structural deterioration.

Factors influencing the stability of a revetment wall include:

Revetment Walls
Revetment Walls
Revetment Walls

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