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What to recycle?

There are many waste materials that can be recycled on the Gold Coast. Recycling has many benefits for our environment, society and economy. It conserves natural resources, it saves energy and it reduces the amount of landfill required. We thank you for your efforts and hope that our recycling systems and information will help you to recycle better.

Find out what you can (and can't) recycle in yellow lid recycling bins and lime lid green organics bins by clicking on the drop-down headings below:

Yellow lid recycling bins

Recycling bin yellow lid

What can I recycle fact sheet

View the below fact sheet for more information about what can be recycled:

What can I recycle?

Use our bin day finder to find out your bin collection day and which week is your recycling week.

Need more space in your recycling bin? Find out how to upsize to a larger recycling bin.

In our yellow lid recycling bins, residents and businesses can recycle:

While we prefer your recyclables to be empty and clean to reduce odour and have a safe working environment for our staff, it is not necessary to remove all residues for them to be acceptable.

Items which cannot go in your yellow lid recycling bin:

  • NO plastic bags (always place your recyclables loosely in the bin)
  • NO thin plastic films like glad wrap, bubble wrap or black plastic
  • NO disposable nappies
  • NO food scraps, green organics or dead animals
  • NO clothing, shoes or accessories
  • NO pyrex or heat-resistant glass
  • NO crockery, china or ceramics
  • NO polystyrene or styrofoam
  • NO light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • NO tiles, bricks, stones or soil
  • NO syringes.

Materials placed in yellow lid recycling bins go to the Materials Recovery Facility at Carrara to be sorted by machine and by hand. They are then compacted, baled and sent away to be remade into other products.

Lime lid green organics bins

Lime green bin

In the lime lid green organics bins, residents and businesses can recycle:

  • garden prunings
  • grass clippings
  • shrubs (shake off the soil)
  • weeds and flowers (shake off the soil)
  • leaves and loose bark
  • palm fronds (fronds must be cut so they can fit into the bin. They cannot be bent as they will become trapped as the bin is emptied into the truck)
  • small branches (no more than 15 centimetres in diameter and 40 centimetres in length).

Items which cannot go in your lime lid green organics bin:

  • NO plastic bags
  • NO construction items
  • NO gardening equipment or products, like garden tools or gloves
  • NO logs and stumps
  • NO treated timber
  • NO soil, dirt or sand
  • NO food scraps
  • NO recyclables (put them in your yellow lid recycling bin)
  • NO chemicals or liquids
  • NO gas cylinders.

Materials placed in the lime lid green organics bins go to several of our large waste and recycling centres for processing and reuse on site where needed. The remaining green organics is then sent away to be made into compost or converted into green energy.

Find out how to order a green organics bin collection service.

If you already have a green organics bin, use our bin day finder to find out your bin collection day and which week is your recycling week (green organics collection is the alternate week to the yellow lid recycling collection service).

We also have a useful fact sheet, What can I recycle? available for download.

At City of Gold Coast waste and recycling centres, you can recycle all of the materials listed above and more. For details of the many recyclables accepted at each waste and recycling centre, visit our waste and recycling centre page.

There are additional recycling services that are available at a limited number of centres. We also have recycling business directories which help you find the local businesses that can recycle many unwanted materials either free or for a fee. And don’t forget the local charities and the recycling shops that can turn your trash into someone else’s treasure.

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