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Southport Priority Development Area (PDA) Development Scheme

The Southport PDA Development Scheme (Southport PDA Scheme) was adopted by the State Government on 5 September 2014, marking a major milestone in planning for the Gold Coast CBD.

This scheme now supersedes the Interim Land Use Plan which no longer has effect. All development applications will now be assessed against the Southport PDA Scheme.

The Southport PDA Development Scheme Submissions Report summarises the submissions received during public notification of the Southport PDA Scheme.

All submissions were considered by City of Gold Coast and the Minister for Economic Development Queensland, and amendments were made to the scheme where appropriate.

Guiding development in the Southport PDA

Southport Priority Development Area (PDA) Proposed Development Scheme

The Southport PDA Scheme will guide planning and development within the Southport PDA.

The principles guiding the scheme are simple: by removing barriers to development, investor and developer confidence is boosted within Southport, ensuring the delivery of a vibrant CBD - the definitive centre for commerce on the Gold Coast.

The Streetscape Design Guidelines support the Southport PDA Scheme, providing clear direction for the development industry and other stakeholders to create a consistent, legible streetscape within the PDA.

The Southport PDA

The Southport PDA significantly boosts our plans to revitalise Southport as the Gold Coast CBD.

Southport was declared a PDA on 4 October 2013 by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland under the provisions of the Economic Development Act 2012.

The Southport PDA includes the former Gold Coast hospital site, Gold Coast Aquatic Centre for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games™, Broadwater Parklands and residential areas located directly north of Railway Street and south of Queen Street, in an area of 195.7 hectares.

Find a link to the Priority Development Area boundary map on Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning's Southport web page.

The Southport PDA will:

To submit an application for development in the Southport PDA, please refer to the following related application forms:

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