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Reconfiguring a lot

This page provides key information relating to reconfiguring a lot.

What is meant by reconfiguring a lot?

Reconfiguring a lot means:

Please note: Where marked ‘*’, refer to the dictionary definitions in the Planning Act 2016.


Subdivision is code assessable in all zones within the City Plan Part 5.6 Tables of Assessment, provided the designated lot sizes can be met.

Subdivision - what is the minimum lot size?

To determine the minimum lot size for your subdivision where code assessable, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Identify what zone you are in.
    • To check what zone is applicable to your property you can:
  2. Identify if the property has any overlays which impact minimum lot size.
    • Check if any of the below overlays are applicable to your property:
      • ridges and significant hills protection overlay
      • residential density overlay
      • minimum lot size overlay.
    • To check whether any of these overlays apply to your property you can:
      • search your property on the City Plan interactive mapping tool - click on your property and view the detailed property report; or
      • call us on 07 5582 8708.
  3. Once you have the above information, refer to Part 5.6 of the City Plan.

An impact assessment development application will need to be assessed by the City where a subdivision proposes lot sizes less than the stated minimum lot size.

Boundary realignments

Boundary realignments require City approval. The application is code assessable. The realigned lots need to comply with the relevant zone code requirements and allow for the lawful use of the affected lots.

Dividing land into parts by agreement

Dividing land into parts by agreement is commonly known as developing community title schemes for dual occupancy or multiple dwelling developments. A community title scheme is generally required to allow for the separate occupation and ownership of parts of a property, e.g. units, industrial units, retail floor space. Dividing land by an agreement is code assessable for all zones stated within Part 5.6 of the City Plan.

Creating an access easement

Creating an access easement is generally in addition to any of the above forms of reconfiguring a lot to allow access between a property and a constructed road. Creating an access easement is code assessable for all zones stated within Part 5.6 of the City Plan.

More information

Refer to the Frequently asked questions below for more information about application requirements.

Refer to the forms and applications section below for links to the forms and to apply online.

For application fees see our Register of fees and charges.

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