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Sector development

A city where creativity creates opportunity.

The City is committed to building a vital creative future that is distinctly Gold Coast. We recognise the value of our local arts and cultural industries. We aim to support and nurture the sector through programs that deliver business and skills development, and provide opportunities for networking, platform building and creative collaboration.

We support our local artists and cultural community through new initiatives to ensure they have the opportunities they need to thrive.

Generate GC

GENERATE GC is a bespoke two-year program designed to develop new site-specific work by Gold Coast artists and creative practitioners. The core focus of the program is the generation, testing and development of ideas and new work to be realised in unique and unlikely places across the Gold Coast. In addition, it builds practice and career sustainability by providing important pathways and links to local and national arts and non-arts partnerships, collaborations and presentation platforms.

Young Artist Development Program

The Young Artist Development Program supports the next wave of young and emerging artists and cultural leaders who will contribute to the ongoing development of our vibrant sector. Through tailored professional development activity the program ensures our young creatives are supported to continue to be key drivers in growing new ideas, art forms and practices across our city and beyond.

Industry Placement Program

To support the development of creative practitioners and arts workers on the Gold Coast, the City offers highly motivated individuals the opportunity to undertake professional paid placements. Participants expand their experience and learn from senior mentors through practical development opportunities, establishing new relationships with organisations, producers, presenters, artists and peers to accelerate their career opportunities.


LENS GC showcases the collaborative work of local photographers, writers, videographers and sound artists with the help of cultural influencers. LENS is a digital platform to share works of art encouraging the development of discourse within a Gold Coast context.

Workshops | Bursaries | Sector gatherings

Annually, we deliver a deep and diverse program of activities that nourishes the creativity of our local artists and cultural industries, providing the building blocks for success.

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