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Broadwater Carpark

Location: Gold Coast Highway, Southport

Parking fees

Duration Price Times
Hourly $2.40 Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm
Daily NA NA
Weekly pass NA NA
Monthly pass NA NA
Annual pass NA NA

The existing parking meters within the Broadwater Carpark have been upgraded to pay-by-plate technology. This means that drivers parking in this location will now be required to enter their vehicle registration number rather than having to remember a parking bay number.

Making payments is simple, with directions provided on-screen. Find out more on our Metered parking areas and pricing page.

When you complete your parking transaction at a new pay-by-plate parking meter you will also be asked if you would like an e-receipt. If you select ‘Yes’ you will be given a 4-digit code.

To get a copy of the receipt:

  1. note down the e-receipt code
  2. go online to
  3. enter the e-receipt code and your vehicle registration number
  4. the e-receipt will be emailed to your nominated address.

Please note:

Parking on public holidays

Public holiday parking restrictions vary throughout the city. Please check each area for the relevant information.

Parking charges and time restrictions do not apply on public holidays in this area.

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