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Benefits of cycling

Change the way you move and ride a bicycle to your next destination for fun, fitness and smart transport

The Gold Coast has approximately 800 kilometres of bikeways that link neighbourhoods, schools, parks, and interconnect with major transit routes. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting and recreation. It is cheaper than driving, causes less pollution and can be quicker for short trips, especially in peak hour.

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Enjoy the benefits of cycling

With close to 300 sunny days per year, 54 kilometres of beaches and a relatively flat landscape, the Gold Coast is well-placed to become a city that values and encourages cycling as a healthy, inexpensive and enjoyable way to move around the city.

Why not change the way you move and enjoy the benefits:

Environmental benefits

Boosting the number of cycling trips on the Gold Coast will result in substantial environmental benefits, such as:

Health benefits

Cycling is a practical and inexpensive mode of transport and an ideal form of moderate exercise. One quarter of Gold Coast residents live within five kilometres of their place of employment, meaning there is significant potential to increase the number of people who choose to ride a bike instead of drive.

Almost three-quarters of primary school students and half of all secondary school students live within three kilometres of their nearest school. Encouraging active travel will help to tackle rising rates of childhood obesity.

Cost savings

In view of the price of fuel, registration, car maintenance and car parking fees, there are considerable savings to be made by leaving the car at home. By swapping your car for a bike you can save between $7,000 and $20,000 per year (as per the RACQ vehicle running costs 2013).

Travel time savings

The average person can cycle one kilometre every four minutes. In some cases cycling can be even faster then driving especially during peak times.

For more information contact the City of Gold Coast's Active Travel team:

The City of Gold Coast promotes sustainable transport options at a wide range of community events and invests in education awareness programs targeted at changing travel behaviour. Changing just one in five trips will significantly reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Plan your trip today – download a copy of the Gold Coast Cycle Guide or contact the Active Travel team and we can send you a copy.

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