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Deliver or host an event on the Gold Coast

Event organisers must complete a brief application for events being delivered on public land. Our team of event specialists will assist in coordinating various stakeholders within the city to ensure you can seamlessly deliver a fantastic event.

Please note:

  1. In order to secure your preferred event location and date, you are encouraged to submit your online application many months prior to the event. City Events are currently experiencing a high volume of applications and significantly longer processing times, as a result of COVID-19 and the new guidelines in place for events. To learn more about the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events and your responsibilities as an event organiser, visit the 'Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events in Queensland' section on the Events toolkit and resources page.
  2. You must attach a site plan to your application that adheres to section 3.7 of the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events. Applications submitted without the necessary site plan may be subject to further processing delays.
  3. Please see the fee structure below for free community events in parks. If your event is not a free community event, other fee structures will apply. Please refer to Fees and bonds below for further information.
  4. A refundable bond may also apply to your event. Bonds vary based on the size and nature of the event, the extent of infrastructure and the types of vehicles required onsite. Standard bonds range from $1000 to $5000, while events with greater impact will incur a larger bond.
Description Fee Conditions
Application fee $108 per application
Low impact event or community activity $43 per day
Medium impact event or community activity $161 per day
High impact event or community activity $322 per day

Fees and bonds

Council applies a user-pays model to events held in City parks. Should an event provide the opportunity for any person or business to make commercial gain, a venue hire fee will apply.

Venue hire will vary depending on the:

  • access for the community (free, ticketed with fee, ticketed without fee)
  • number of participants
  • impact on park (low, medium, high).

Refundable bonds are applied to cover potential park rectification and will vary depending on the:

  • scale and size of event infrastructure
  • duration of the event
  • number of participants
  • location profile and level of park embellishment
  • seasonal weather conditions.

If your event is not a free community event or is held at Broadwater Parklands, Kurrawa Terrace or the Village Heart, other venue hire fee structures will apply. Please refer to the Register of fees and charges for fees under the below categories:

  • Park and Reserve Hire Rates
    • Park Usage - Use by Conference and Corporate Associated Events
    • Hire rates (TCRA) Temporary Commercial Recreation Activities
  • Broadwater Parklands
  • Village Heart
  • Kurrawa Terrace

Apply to deliver an event on the Gold Coast

Online event application

Complete, save and submit your application in minutes using our online service.

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