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Traffic & transport

The City of Gold Coast offers a variety of transport options, many of which have a strong recreational flavour well-suited to the city's outdoor lifestyle.

The rapid growth of the region has led to a number of road and transport projects and initiatives to improve the city's transport networks.

Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031

Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031

The Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031 is a city-changing initiative, delivering a world-class transport system for the Gold Coast. It will create a smart, connected and liveable city under a one network approach.

We have undertaken a mid-life review of the Strategy to ensure we are considering emerging transport technologies and remain on track to deliver our transport vision for the city and protect our Gold Coast lifestyle.

City Parking

City parking

The City of Gold Coast's whole-of-city parking plan aims to ensure safe and convenient parking for the community, while promoting economic growth in a sustainable way.

Draft City Plan 2015

City Plan - Building our city, enhancing our lifestyle

Our new City Plan will guide future development on the Gold Coast as it continues to mature and grow as a city. Under the draft plan some parts of the city will evolve to create many exciting economic and lifestyle opportunities. Other areas will be protected for their existing character and environmental value.

Public Transport

Public transport

The City of Gold Coast works in partnership with community organisations and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide a number of public transport options, from bus and taxi services to light rail and heavy rail.

We have developed the Public Transport Plan 2018-2028 to help us prioritise improvements to the public transport network, to make it easier to catch buses, trams, trains and passenger transport services around our city.

Sustainable travel choices

Sustainable travel choices

Walking, cycling or taking public transport can be easy ways to move around the Gold Coast. We have maps and guides so you can plan your journey. Primary schools have joined our successful Active School Travel program to reduce the dependency of driving a car to and from school.

We’ve also developed the Active Transport Plan and Travel Behaviour Change Plan to help encourage and enable behaviour change across the city.

Roads, Infrastructure and Major Projects

Road safety

We are committed to the safety of residents and visitors as they move around our city, and we strive to provide a safer environment for all road users.

Traffic Management & Operations

Traffic management and operations

The Traffic Management and Operations Branch of the City of Gold Coast plays a major role in ensuring the right environment for all road users.

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