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Key features

We're continually working on our website and would like your feedback to guide improvements to our online services. We've put a quick survey at the bottom of every page of this website so that you can tell us whether the pages are useful or not. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback. It's important to us.

Our website has been designed to deliver what residents, businesses and visitors need – quick and easy access to information about the City of Gold Coast.

With more than 1000 pages of content, attachments and quick links, the website aims to provide information for everyone, with a focus on the needs of the 'three pillars' of our community – residents, visitors and businesses.

Our approach

As a modern, vibrant city that attracts millions of visitors from around Australia and the world each year, our aim is to provide a refreshing online presence.

With ever-advancing technology at our doorstep, the website provides a platform for a host of online services that benefit the community.

You can access this website, including disaster management information, via your smart phone including iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

City of Gold Coast is a cultural community of more than 600,000 individuals with varying needs and abilities. This is why a key feature of our website design is access to those with vision or other impairments.

The website includes many features, such as:

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