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Planning and building

The Gold Coast is a vibrant and attractive city. We are working hard to maintain our enviable lifestyle and ensure our city continues to thrive in a sustainable way.

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Development bonds and inspections


An application for bond assessment is a request from the applicant to Council to bond works that are uncompleted before plan sealing or as part of the conditions of approval.

A development bond is the process where the applicant gives Council a financial security (cash, bank guarantee or cheque). The security covers uncompleted development construction works to obtain the early release of survey plans. A development bond is also used to cover all development construction works during the maintenance period. 

Note: this does not include infrastructure charges security bonds. For further information please see our Infrastructure planning page.

Early plan sealing requirements for City of Gold Coast Waste and Water can be found in section 7.5.4 of the Water and Sewer Connections Policy.

Civil works bonds

Performance bond

Performance bonds are submitted prior to the start of operational works (such as constructing roads in a new estate) to ensure satisfactory completion of work. Performance bonds may be converted to maintenance bonds at the completion of the works (minimum $5000).

Uncompleted works bonds

Uncompleted works bonds are submitted prior to the completion of all works and the conditions of development approval for the early sealing of plans. Uncompleted works bonds are normally set at 120 per cent of the certified value of the uncompleted works.

Note: Uncompleted works bonds exclude essential infrastructure.

Maintenance bonds

Maintenance bonds are released after the development is accepted as off-maintenance.

Landscape works bonds

Uncompleted works bond

Uncompleted works bonds are submitted prior to the completion of all works and the conditions of development approval for the early sealing of plans.

Establishment bond

Establish all living components (e.g. flora, grassed areas, revegetated areas) within the dedicated land to a level that will provide effective management of the landscape for future ongoing maintenance regimes.

The bond amount is calculated as 125 per cent of the total costs described above unless otherwise determined by the City (bio basin floor planting calculated as 150 per cent of the total works).

It is a condition of acceptance of landscape works on-establishment that the establishment bond has been approved and the security has been lodged. If the applicant requests early approval of survey plans, the establishment bond must be approved and security accepted in conjunction with the uncompleted conditions bond as a requirement of uncompleted conditions approval.

Maintenance bond

A maintenance bond is required to be submitted to the City to ensure the works are maintained during this period.

The maintenance bond must reflect actual maintenance costs for the specific site as indicated in the approved maintenance management plan. Where a maintenance management plan is not required, the maintenance figure must be determined by using current industry rates in the Landscape Queensland Costing Guide (current edition).

How do I apply for a bond assessment?

An application for bond assessment is available below.

Complete the form and submit to your local Customer Service Centre with relevant fees (if required) or email directly to (if no fees required).

The bond will be assessed by an Engineering / Environmental Compliance Officer and approved if compliant.

A letter of approval and a deed of agreement will be emailed to the applicant. This deed of agreement will need to be populated as instructed and printed twice. Both agreements need original signatures (no photocopies) and returned to a Customer Service Centre along with the approval letter and the required bond amount.

The agreements will be reviewed and endorsed by Council and returned to the applicant via registered post.

Note: essential services including water and sewerage infrastructure cannot be bonded. Council requires water and sewer standard drawings certified by an RPEQ, pressure test results and connection fees paid prior to plan sealing in accordance with the Plan Sealing Guidelines.

Reducing, releasing development bonds

Bonds will be released at different stages of the operational works approval (OPW) as outlined in the Land Development Guidelines or an applicant can request the reduction or return of bonds by submitting a written request or email, outlining the reasons and providing full development details including:

  • Council's full development file reference details;
  • Real property description of development;
  • Council's bond reference number and bond amount; and
  • Council's receipt number and date lodged for cash bonds or the Bank guarantee details

As Constructed

As constructed data is required prior to plan sealing as a service locator plan (civil) or completed as constructed data prior to on maintenance (civil and landscape).

Refer to our As Constructed Data Standards and Guidelines.


Inspections are required to monitor the progress of the operational works and for bond releases and reductions.

For current fees and charges please refer to the Application for bond assessment form.

To book an inspection you must have agreed a time and date with the Engineering / Environmental Compliance Officer that suits both parties. Once agreed, call 07 5582 9034 to book in your inspection.

Please note that if Gold Coast Water is required to attend an inspection 48 hours' notice is required.

Once an application for bond assessment has been approved, the deeds of agreements have been signed and endorsed by Council and the bond amount paid you may book an inspection.

If a performance bond is required this must be paid in full before a pre-start can be scheduled.

Please note all types of payment including bank guarantee, B-pay, cheque and money order will take at least 48 hours to process. Please do not try to book this inspection before this time.  When you do book your inspection please ensure you have your application number (Pathway number) to hand when booking the pre-start e.g PERFOM/***** as the admin staff we will need to check all funds have been cleared in our account.

When booking an inspection please have the following details to hand:

  • Name of Engineering Compliance Officer
  • Time and date agreed with Engineering Compliance Officer
  • OPW number
  • Consulting Engineer / Landscaping Architect
  • Contractor
  • Contact person on site and mobile number
  • Site address
  • Details of what is to be inspected

Once the details have been taken an invitation will be sent to the nominated email address.

Civil inspections

  • Pre-start - duration approximately 1.5 hours
  • Practical completion (On-maintenance) - duration approximately 2.5 hours
  • Final defects – (Off-maintenance) - duration approximately 2.5 hours

Extra inspections may take place at the officer’s discretion; these are not formally booked but arranged with the assessing officer directly:

  • Sub grade
  • Pre-seal
  • Footpath pre-pour
  • Kerb pad inspection
  • A/C placement

Landscape inspections

  • Pre-start - duration approximately 1.5 hours
  • On establishment – duration approximately 1.5 hours
  • Practical completion (On-maintenance) - duration approximately 2.5 hours
  • Final defects – (Off-maintenance) - duration approximately 2.5 hours

Extra inspections may take place at the officer’s discretion; these are not formally booked but arranged with the assessing officer directly:

  • tree hole inspection.


If a re-inspection is required a fee may be charged at the officer’s discretion.

Please complete the Operational works reinspection fee form if advised by the assessing officer.

Please return the completed form and fee amount to your local Customer Service Centre. Once payment has been accepted you may quote the receipt number to or call 07 5582 9034 to book the inspection.

For more details on inspections please refer to the On-maintenance procedures in the City Plan section

Related information

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  • When will WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) asset (Bio basin) bonds be returned?

    WSUD bonds are held until accepted off maintenance and the asset complies with the water by design and land development guidelines standards.
    These assets are bonded at 150 percent of the costs of construction and maintenance for a minimum of two years where it feels the risk associated with the development or stormwater management system is high.
  • How long will a bond assessment take to complete?

    A standard bond assessment will take up to 10 business days from the day the paperwork is received by the Contributed Assets section. Please note, if paperwork is submitted at Customer Service this may take a few more days, but will be actioned as soon as possible by the approving officer. Please make sure all details and calculations are entered correctly on the paperwork to avoid any delays.


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