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Click on the topics below to find out more about your problem and, if you cannot resolve the issue yourself with the information provided, complete our online form to have your issue investigated.

For urgent and/or hazardous situations where public safety may be at risk phone 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326) or 07 5582 8211.



Report barking dogs or excessive noise from other domestic animals, roaming, lost or found pets.

Report a problem - Animals
City parks, trees, and beaches

City parks and beaches

Report City assets that need repairing, refilling, mowing, a clean or tidy-up.

Report a problem - City parks and beaches
Building/planning issues

Development compliance

Report dangerous building works or structures, earthworks, party houses and illegal use of properties.

Report a problem - Development compliance
Graffiti, rubbish and illegal dumping

Graffiti, rubbish & illegal dumping

Report graffiti, littering, illegal dumping, damaged or stolen bins, and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Report a problem - Graffiti, rubbish & illegal dumping


Find more information about common noise nuisances and how to report them.

Report a problem - Noise


Report pollution associated with water, dust, open-air fires such as bonfires and backyard fires, light nuisance, etc.

Report a problem - Pollution
Food premises

Public health & safety

Report public health and safety problems including unhygienic, unsafe or unlicensed activities.

Report a problem - Public health & safety
Roads and footpaths

Roads and footpaths

Report any problems with City roads or footpaths such as potholes or damaged kerb and channel.

Report a problem - Roads and footpaths
Private property issues

Trees and vegetation

Report overgrown or dead trees and vegetation on City land or illegal tree works taking place.

Report a problem - Trees and vegetation


Report illegally parked and abandoned vehicles, hooning, heavy vehicles on private land and obstruction of driveways.

Report a problem - Vehicles
Water and sewer

Water and sewer

Report water leaks, issues with water quality or if you have no water.

Report a problem - Water and sewer

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