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Coastal management

We’re making waves, literally! Read about our innovative beach projects, sparking interest around Australia and the world.

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Coastal management

The City invests heavily in managing and caring for our coastline, working with our partners and the community to keep our beaches and coastal environments healthy and protected.

We work all year round to manage, maintain and protect our precious Gold Coast.

Our ongoing projects include the maintenance and construction of seawalls, sand pumping and dredging, landscaping and coastline infrastructure works.

Palm Beach shoreline project

We've constructed a unique artificial reef to buffer our beach from erosion and generate waves.

Gold Coast beach nourishment project

Find out how we topped up our beaches with sand to better withstand severe weather.

Narrowneck reef renewal geotextile sand container

Narrowneck reef renewal

Watch our video to see how we gave our original artificial reef a revamp.

Construction of a seawall

Seawall construction

You can’t see them but we’re building seawalls in the sand to sure up our shores.

Dune management

Dune management

Learn about how we look after dunes and their role as a defence system to coastal erosion.

Aerial view of a Gold Coast beach

Coastal videos and resources

View our coastal videos.

Girl riding bike along ocean pathway

Coastal pathways

Connect to the coast via our ever-growing coastal pathway network.

Aerial view of The Spit

Surfers Paradise Sand Backpass Pipeline project

We’re building a pipeline from The Spit to Surfers Paradise to deliver sand to our beaches.

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