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Event organisers

City of Gold Coast plays a large role in supporting events on the Gold Coast.

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Event organisers

The Gold Coast prides itself on dreaming up big events and executing them flawlessly.

Whether it’s a national soccer match, an international surfing competition, a two-week cultural festival or a community celebration, the Gold Coast truly knows how to stage diverse and memorable events.

Working with an idyllic location, a climate that everyone desires and access to world-class venues and facilities, there has never been a better time for national and international events in the city.

The City’s events team is a one-stop shop for event organisers, providing approvals and planning support. We offer assistance for every kind of event: large and small, sports, cultural and lifestyle, international and local. We can help you in delivering a high quality event that meets customer expectations.

Deliver or host an event on the Gold Coast

Event organisers must complete a brief application for events being delivered on public land. Our team of event specialists will assist in coordinating various stakeholders within the city to ensure you can seamlessly deliver a fantastic event.

Seek support for an event

Cash and in-kind support is available to events that drive positive outcomes for the city.

Promote my event online

There are millions of visits to this website each year, so it's a great place to promote your events.

Events toolkit and resources

Brochures, fact sheets and other resources for event organisers.

Find an event site

Locate the ideal site for your next event.

City of Gold Coast streetlight banners

City of Gold Coast streetlight banners are an excellent decorative and advertising medium to promote your event and local area and provide an opportunity to consolidate promotional campaigns on a larger scale across the city.

Contact us

For more information or to enquire about how we can assist, contact our City Events team:

Phone: 07 5581 7539
Postal address:
PO Box 5042

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