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Hosting an event on private land

You may need a licence from City of Gold Coast for events held on private land.

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Hosting an event on private land

Are you planning on delivering an event that is open to members of the public on private land? If so, you may need an Entertainment Venue Licence from City of Gold Coast. Here are some requirements you may need to consider when hosting a public event on private land.

Entertainment Venue Licence

Temporary events on private land require approval under the City’s local laws. Applications will be assessed for impact on amenity and public safety and the mitigation proposed by the event organiser for those impacts.

Use the form below to apply.

Once you have completed the PDF form, please email to

COVID Safe Plan

For COVID-19 updates including information regarding event COVID Safe plans and checklists visit the Queensland government website.

You must provide all required COVID documentation with your application.

Development approval

Do you need development approval? This will depend on the current zoning of the land and your proposed use, size of audience, duration and impact. 

Please contact the Planning Enquires Centre on 07 5582 8708 or visit Do I need development approval for detailed requirements.

Traffic management

Do you need a Traffic Management Plan? Events need to ensure that the road systems in the surrounding areas have the capacity to accommodate any increase in traffic.  Please contact the Planning Enquires Centre on 07 5582 8708.

Applications for event road closures should be lodged through the City Events team via email. Submit the temporary road closure application form located on the Temporary road closures page using the PDF or MS Word application to

City Events will liaise with the Temporary Road Closures team on behalf of the applicant to obtain the necessary approvals.

Food stalls

All food operators need to comply with State requirements. 

An application for a food licence can be accessed on the  Food business - fixed, mobile and temporary premises page.

For more information or to discuss your requirements further, please contact City Standards on 07 5667 5987.

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