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Ride to work

Commuting by bike is a fun, time efficient way to get to and from work that reduces road congestion and improves the environment.

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Ride to work

Active Work Travel

Commuting by bike is a fun, time efficient way to get to and from work that reduces road congestion and improves the environment. It also saves you money and keeps you fit and healthy. Even if you live too far from work to ride the entire distance, consider driving for part of the way and cycling the rest, or ride to your stop or station and complete your journey by train or bus.

City of Gold Coast encourages all workplaces, regardless of their size to reconsider their workplace travel culture.

The Gold Coast has an extensive network of on-road bikeways, off-road shared paths and dedicated bike paths that make riding a bike to and from work easy.

There are many reasons why cycling to work is great.

  • Health – cycling to and from work increases your fitness, health and general sense of wellbeing. It delivers a low-impact workout twice a day, helping control your weight and helping to decrease the chances of suffering a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer.
  • Productivity – you will arrive to work more alert and with more sustained energy.
  • Cost benefits – cycling is cheaper compared to driving a car as you don't have to pay for costs such as fuel, registration or parking fees.
  • Environment – cycling benefits the environment by easing congestion on the roads, which lessens air and noise pollution.
  • Time – over short to medium journeys, cycling is often quicker than using a car.
  • Convenience – cycling is door-to-door with bike racks and facilities widely available.
  • Fun – cycling provides enjoyment and can be very social. It also allows you to see your surrounds from a different perspective.

Tips for cycling to work

  • Get the right bike – ensure your bike is the correct size and type for you. Talk to your local bike shop.
  • Bike maintenance – keep your bike serviced and maintained to ensure your riding experience is hassle-free.
  • Accessories – you may have to carry a lot when cycling to work. Accessories like baskets, racks, drink bottle holders etc. will come in handy. Invest in some panniers or a backpack to carry a change of clothes, briefcase and documents.
  • Parking – know where you can (and can't) lock your bike up.
  • Clothing – take your work clothes to work the day before and have a separate pair of work shoes. Keep some toiletries at work to freshen up.
  • Be alert – always be aware of what traffic around you is doing. Never travel against the traffic flow.
  • Respect other road users – you are legally a vehicle and are obliged to follow the road rules. Remember, the rules are there to protect you too.
  • Watch for pedestrians – keep an eye out for people on the footpath and anyone crossing the road who may step out in front of you. Always travel at a speed where you can react safely to unexpected situations.
  • Be seen at night – have lights on your bike and wear bright coloured clothing with reflective material.

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