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The city offers an array of high quality facilities and services suited for any outdoor or sporting enthusiast.

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City of Gold Coast's investment in encouraging our residents to lead more active and healthy lives includes providing a large number of sporting and training facilities and programs for both residents and visitors.

The Gold Coast lifestyle is well complimented by the vast array of high quality facilities and services on offer for any outdoor or sporting enthusiast. It's no surprise that the Gold Coast was selected to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. We host many other major sporting events, too.

The future of sport and training on the Gold Coast

Sport on the Gold Coast consists of a range of activities from the community level through to those involving elite sports people at national and international levels.

Along with the City’s success in being selected to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, a growing population and increased participation levels for sport has highlighted the need to focus on sport within the city, including infrastructure, sports development and sports planning initiatives.

To ensure the City is well placed to meet these challenges, the Gold Coast Sport Plan 2013 – 2023 has been developed to guide future decision making through a coordinated approach.

The Sport Plan focuses on developing sustainable and inclusive sport through six strategic priority areas:

  1. Provide quality sport and recreation infrastructure
  2. Create an active and healthy community
  3. Develop high performance centres of sporting excellence in the city
  4. Support national sport codes within the city
  5. Attract, leverage and support sports events in the city
  6. Utilise sport and recreation to drive economic development and build international connections

Sports clubs 

An abundance of sports clubs for both competition and social game seekers is available, with many of the clubs running organised and social competitions year round.

Sporting venues

The City's sporting venues cater for a myriad of activities from grassroots to the elite.

Community leasing

The City has approximately 400 community facility leases with organisations across the Gold Coast. For more information on leasing a facility, visit our Community leasing page.

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