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The city offers an array of high quality facilities and services suited for any outdoor or sporting enthusiast.

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Sporting right of use application

The City manages over 400 sport and recreational facilities across the Gold Coast. Organisations are able to book these facilities under the Right of Use (ROU) program.

To apply for ROU, organisations must complete an application form and lodge it together with a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance. Applications are then assessed against the eligibility criteria. Please refer to the terms and conditions. Successful applicants will receive an ROU permit and be required to pay an annual/seasonal fee for ROU which applies to each individual facility required.

Apply for Right of Use

Allocations for ROU are on the basis of user needs only, and blanket bookings are not accepted. The sport or activity that is ‘in season’ will take priority, should more than one organisation wish to book the same facility for the same times.

Sport right of use fees

As at 1 July 2020, the following fees apply:

Use and impact Example sports Fee (per season) Out of season fee
High use/high impact Aussie rules, rugby, soccer $710 per senior field $55 per facility, per week
Athletics, netball (association) $710 per facility
Touch football, oztag $710 per two touch fields
High use/low impact Baseball, softball $354 per senior field
Cricket $354 per field
Low use/high impact BMX/cycling $354 per facility per annum
Netball (club) $354 per facility
Irregular use/low impact Archery, petanque, animal clubs $297 per area per annum


  • High use - facility used most days per week
  • Low use - facility used less than two days per week
  • Irregular use - casual use of a facility
  • High impact - high maintenance cost for facility and/or activity
  • Low impact - low maintenance cost for facility and/or activity
  • Season - winter from April to September, summer from October to March (guide only)

If you have any questions regarding ROU, please contact:

Parks & Recreational Services
Phone: 07 5581 6863

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  • Who is eligible for Right of Use (ROU)?

    To be eligible to obtain Right of Use (ROU) you must be a club/organisation that is: incorporated, community based, non-profit; and draw the majority of members from within the City of Gold Coast boundaries. Public Liability Insurance no less than $20 million is also required.

  • What if I am not eligible for Right of Use (ROU)?

    If you require the use of a sport and recreational facility but you do not qualify to hold a ROU permit, you can make an application for a social park gathering and private function.

  • What fees and charges apply?

    The annual/seasonal fee for ROU is determined by the City of Gold Coast, subject to variation on an annual basis, and applies to each individual facility required (for example, if your club utilises two separate facilities then two separate fees will apply).

  • How do I apply for ROU?

    ROU application forms are available online. Applications must specify exact times, days and dates facilities will be used and the activity it will be used for. Allocations are generally confirmed in February via a ROU permit and will include an invoice for the usage.

  • How are the fields allocated?

    The City's fields and facilities are allocated annually for a 12 month period. The sport that is ‘in season’ will take priority. The allocation will be on the basis of users' needs only and blanket bookings will not be accepted.

    Fields and facilities will be made available to other users when they are free from a ROU booking. Individual bookings can be made at any time during the year to accommodate additional usage requests.

  • Can I approve others to use fields under my ROU?

    ROU holders do not have the authority to approve use of fields for any other users. Approval must be obtained from the City of Gold Coast and clubs can direct any enquires to the City’s Parks and Recreational Services branch.

    For further information, please contact:
    Parks and Recreational Services
    Phone: 07 5667 5972

  • Can I bring additional infrastructure onto the facility?

    If you are a ROU permit holder, under the ROU terms and conditions you are able to bring up to 5 temporary 3mx3m shade structures weighted down with sandbags or similar (not pegged). Any structures larger than 3mx3m or for more than five (5) temporary shade structures require separate approval by the City.

    Star pickets/stakes must not be driven into the sport and recreational fields or their surrounds.