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Workplace travel tools and resources

A range of free and easy-to-use tools and resources have been developed to help support you, your workplace and employees. These can be implemented individually or as a whole program.   

Walking to work

Walking can be encouraged in the workplace as a healthy and inexpensive alternative to travelling by car. Our Walking fact sheet provides step-by-step information on how you can encourage your employees to include walking in their daily work routine.

Walking fact sheet (PDF 708kb)

Cycling to work

Cycling to and from work is a healthy and fun alternative to driving a car. It is social, low cost and reduces congestion and the need for car parking. Cycling helps you beat the traffic and can be as quick as driving.

Cycling fact sheet (PDF 614kb)

Catching public transport to work

Use TransLink’s journey planner to discover what public transport options are available for you to combine with your daily cycle or walk to work. You can take a bus, travel on the G:link or catch the train.

Public transport fact sheet (PDF 742kb)

Carpooling to work

Carpooling is an enjoyable way for employees (who travel to and from the same area) to reduce their individual transport costs where walking, cycling and public transport may not be options. Our Carpooling fact sheet shows how you can easily encourage carpooling at your workplace.

Carpooling fact sheet (PDF 753kb)

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